Anjali Khanna

Features Editor

Thomas Jefferson High School for Sci and Tech

Anjali Khanna

TJHSST Class of 2016


Discovery of new state of matter advances energy efficiency research

Hexaaquacopper(II) complex is a molecule that has been tetragonally distorted by the Jahn-Teller Effect, as can be seen in it's ball and stick model. In most chemistry classes today, the curriculum regarding states of matter includes solid, liquid, gas, and maybe plasma. However, there are actually several other states of matter that do not fall under these simple categories.

J-Day celebrations kick off summer fun

As standardized testing finishes up and the school days dwindle to an end, Jefferson celebrates the start of summer with the annual Jefferson Day (J-Day) festival. Clubs like Jefferson’s Model United Nations, Namaste and Amnesty International have the opportunity to fundraise for the upcoming year by selling goods or services.

This isn’t just another “feminist” opinion article

Feminism, unlike how it is often portrayed in the media, merely advocates for equality regardless of sex. I do not hate men. I do not believe that men should have less rights than women. I do not believe that a woman should refuse all male help for the sake of proving her own independence. Yet, I am a feminist.

‘Years & Years’ is on track to stardom with newest release

The group's latest album, "Communion," will be available for purchase on June 22. The first track off the album, "Shine," was released on Youtube and Soundcloud on May 11. Years & Years will be, without doubt, the one of the next top pop artists in the United States. Formed in 2010, the band of three consists of instrumentalists Mikey Goldsworthy and Emre Turkmen and frontman Olly Alexander.

Press release from Karen Garza creates conversation about FCPS budget

On April 26, Superintendent Karen Garza released a press statement informing residents of Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) that their school system is in dire need of financial assistance. Over the last seven years, FCPS has been forced to eliminate 2,715 positions and cut $500 million in funds while simultaneously increasing their student population with over 20,000 new students.

Novice boys crew team travels to St. Andrews School for first regatta of the season

For Jefferson’s novice boys crew team, the year has been full of ups and downs. During the early months of the spring season, the team practiced indoors due to poor weather conditions at Sandy Run Regional Park. When the team finally did get the opportunity to hit the water around early March, the first two regattas were cancelled for the same reason.


Anjali Khanna

A junior at Jefferson, Anjali is in her third year of working on the newspaper staff. As Features Editor, she edits and revises features articles and pairs them with appropriate design and infographic pieces. She also helps develop features stories and graphic design elements for In the past, Anjali has served as Features Editor and Entertainment Editor.

Anjali joined tjTODAY because she had a passion for writing and wanted to express her voice to the student body at Jefferson.